I appear to have two set of different personalities?

topic posted Sat, May 26, 2007 - 4:55 PM by  Joselina
I am a rising saggittarius and moon in scorpio, wat would it mean that i am viewed as optimistic and outgoing but i am actually conservative on the inside and sensetive?
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    Yep. That's pretty much how I am as well.

    Note the first line of Sag Rising versus the last line of Scorpio Moon:

    Rising Sign is in 03 Degrees Sagittarius
    You are known for being open, frank, outgoing and honest. At times, though, you are also blunt and quite indiscreet. Others have to learn not to take everything you say personally, because you usually do not mean any harm. You appreciate living your life in a straightforward and simple manner -- you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communication. You have lots and lots of energy and tend to become quite restless if you feel confined. You demand the freedom to do as you choose -- you must be self- directed or you feel trapped and anxious. With your abundant energy, you enjoy being outdoors, and you should be attracted to physical exercise or to those forms of sport which can help you burn off some of that excess energy. Very gregarious, you love to socialize -- your innate enthusiasm livens up any gathering.

    Moon is in 19 Degrees Scorpio.
    Your feelings are very intense, never superficial. You tend to be either very angry or very sad or completely and totally happy. Your moods are deep, extreme and not always completely understood by yourself or by those with whom you have to deal. Emotionally, you tend to prefer to live at the cutting edge of life, pushing your reactions to the ultimate extremes, even if the results are dangerous or upsetting. You are easily jealous and very suspicious -- you require a great deal of emotional reassurance. A good detective, you are very curious about deep and mysterious things, especially human nature and motivations. Be careful not to be ruthless, tactless or too overly frank or you will meet with much resistance from others.
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    That's me as well.
    Sag Rising, Virgo Sun & Scorpio Moon

    The light-hearted and explorative sag. rising (what people see you more as than your moon) is in conflict with the emotionally deep and sensitive scorpio moon, which you are also.

    Sometimes I feel I have three personalities.
  • I am a Sagittarius sun, Gemini moon and Cancer rising (fire, air and water). I understand how you all feel.
    • I have a virgo sun, and aries moon. This different set of personalities is something I also have discovered in myself. Right now I am trying to make a decision on how not to sabotage one's freedom or the others sense of groundedness. It can create two realities which isn't easy to create two at a time..if i really want to focus....and I do! My firey side has won out for the last 5 years. I am feeling the earthly energy coming back since my Saturn return ended.
      I am learning to appease one with future possibilities while the other one gets what it wants now.
      Hope it works.
  • I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I have a pisces sun and capricorn moon (both quite shy and introverted), so I would say I'm about two-thirds shy and introverted, one third outgoing crazy saggitarius. My ascendent is 15degrees Saggie, which I'm told means I exhibit profound Saggie traits at it's peak rather than adopting some characteristics of the other two ascendents near Saggie. But even more so, if I have any Saggie in my natal chart, which apart from my ascendent I do not. I had also read that the planet conjuncting your ascendent have a big effect on your personality and ascendent qualities. I have neptune conjunct ascendent and mercury square ascendent which I think means I take on some more piscean (neptune) and gemini (mercury) traits into my ascendent. Makes sense to me.

    I normally chatty, and quite energetic around others, but when my capricorn moon hits me it hits me hard - making me very reserved, cautious, shy and sometimes depressed..

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